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Continuity Interruptions, Emergencies, or Disasters?

Many organizations have Disaster Recovery Plans. We prefer the term Business
Continuity Plan because it prepares the organization to work through a crisis situation and deal with any disaster before and as it occurs, as opposed to just afterwards.


The objectives of our plan are:

  1. To ensure that maximum possible service levels are maintained
  2. To ensure that we recover from interruptions as quickly as possible
  3. To minimize the likelihood and impact (risk) of interruptions


The principles behind our plan are:

  1. Disaster Recovery is just part of Business Continuity
  2. Risks are assessed for both probability and business impact
  3. Business continuity plans must be reasonable, practical and achievable


Our plan discusses advance preparation and emergency procedures to be followed in any situation where normal access to our facilities or computer systems is blocked.  It also addresses our planned response to pandemic conditions where human contact avoidance is paramount.

All clients have access to our plan and we encourage our clients to share their plans with us.  In many cases QAMS is responsible for Mission Critical functions for the client.  This is the main reason the client should involve QAMS with their business continuity planning.



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