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There are two documents in place at QAMS; The Code of Ethics & Business Conduct and the Office Code of Conduct.

Ethical principles of business conduct and their practice help QAMS maintain good standing in the global community. This Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is written to ensure directors, officers and employees of QAMS understand the importance we place on ethical conduct and recognize that it forms an important part of who we are as individuals and as a company. Similarly, it helps our shareholders, customers, suppliers and competitors know what to expect from the Company. Finally, it is meant to help Employees recognize and deal with ethical dilemmas they may encounter.

When our people are assigned to work at a client site they always follows the code of conduct and decorum in place there. Also, our office employees follow a strict QAMS office code of conduct that promotes Teamwork, Courtesy & Responsiveness, and Professionalism.

Here is the QAMS office Code of Conduct: 

1. Teamwork

Help Each Other

  • Treat all coworkers, other employees, customers, suppliers, and brokers with dignity and respect.
  • Be a team player; cooperate with each other to improve client gratification.
  • Provide instructions and information in a constructive and helpful manner.
  • Be respectful of other’s time and don’t be late – it hurts other members of the team.

Take Initiative

  • Anticipate the needs of customers – both internal and external.
  • Reach out and help.
  • Initiate improvements.

You Are QA

  • Take pride in your work and your organization.
  • Show interest and enthusiasm in what you do.
  • Personify Excellence.

2. Courtesy and Responsiveness

Be Kind and Courteous

  • Smile, introduce yourself, and take a moment to put people at ease.
  • Respond to people by using their preferred names/titles.
  • Answer queries & provide assistance in a helpful and positive way.


  • Show empathy for the concerns of customers and others.
  • Avoid being defensive.

Put a Smile in Your Voice

  • When you are on the phone, our reputation is on the line.
  • Smile and sound pleasant, respond politely, and be helpful.
  • Listen with empathy and understanding.

Respond Quickly

  • Appreciate the value of other’s time.
  • If someone must wait, explain why and get back to them fast.

Keep it Quiet

  • Avoid loud talk in the workplace.
  • Work to assure a calm and peaceful environment.

3.  Professionalism

Act and Look Professional

  • Interact with others in a business like manner, avoid slang and jargon.
  • Never act vulgar or offensive and never be demeaning.
  • Never make sarcastic, derogatory, sexist or racial comments.
  • Never engage in any form of social discrimination (including racial, religious, sexual, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic, linguistic, height-related, and age-related discrimination).
  • Dress professionally, when on client site respect the dress code.
  • Stay busy and productive with meaningful work.
  • Schedule your work and put first things first.
  • Avoid gossip, social conversations and discussions about customers.
  • Do not engage in social networking (Facebook, MSN, IM, Twitter, Texting, Cell, Phone, etc.) for personal reasons while at work.
  • Maintain a neat well-groomed appearance and tidy/organized workspace.
  • Properly document and communicate phone messages.
  • Protect QA and customer confidential and sensitive information.

Be Informed, Informative, and a Life Long Learner

  • Take the necessary time to learn all that you need to do your job.
  • Take the necessary time to explain things to each other and customers.
  • Take personal initiative to maintain and expand your skills and knowledge



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