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QAMS Business Development

Peter Hansen is head of QAMS in Quebec. Peter is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of hands-on Customer Service experience in his market. Peter has carefully shaped and refined our service offering based on exhaustive industry analysis and first hand interviews with users of Outsourcing Services.

In Montreal call 514-875-1515 and speak with Peter Hansen.

Jack Hansen is head of QAMS in Ontario. Jack has a BA in Economics and a Master’s Diploma in Business Administration. He has held several senior positions related to Customer Service and he has had extensive training and experience in Business Process Streamlining.

In Toronto call 416-365-1515 and speak with Jack Hansen.

From anywhere outside of Montreal and Toronto call 1-888-675-1515.

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MONTREAL  (514) 875-1515    OTTAWA  (613) 228-1020    TORONTO (416) 365-1515    WATERLOO  (519) 744-6729