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The company was formed approximately 20 years ago in Montreal by the founder and current president who is based in Montreal, Peter Hansen.   We expanded operations into Ontario approximately 15 years ago.  The Ontario business is managed by Jack Hansen, General Manager and SVP who is based in Toronto.

The company consists of 4 interrelated lines of service-type business:

  1. Administrative Management Services (facility management or outsourcing)
  2. Copy Print Scan Services
  3. EasyReq, back-office automation software
  4. Courier & Messenger Services (QA Courier)

An important focus of QAMS is facility management (or outsourcing) with clients like Ernst & Young, Heenan Blaikie, and Pfizer (a top accounting firm, top law firm, and a top pharmaceutical).  

We also operate a full service copy centre which deploys state of the art equipment and provides a full range of copy, print, scan services to businesses of all kinds and also provides specialized secure/confidential service to accounting and law firms.

Recently we designed and developed a software product called EasyReq which is used to manage administrative work.  It is cutting edge technology that simplifies the process of requesting work, managing that work, tracking the work in progress, and finally, it streamlines and simplifies the allocation and budgeting processes.  When clients use our facility management services, they receive the full benefits of EasyReq at no additional costs.

Finally, QA Courier is a full service courier and messenger company that provides the best local, national, and international pickup and delivery service in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Waterloo.  We serve the world's leading direct seller of beauty and related products, 2 of the Big Four largest international accountancy and professional services firms, Canada’s 2 largest financial/insurance companies, several top advertising and communications companies, over 60 law offices including several of Canada’s top 10, engineering firms, architectural firms, entertainment firms, and many many more.  We serve firms of all sizes but especially those with a penchant for high quality service.

Our people are dedicated customer service professionals many of whom have been with us for ten or more years.  Day to day operations are managed by two very experienced VP’s; Chris Rankin heads up the courier business and Ejvind Hansen handles facility management, the copy centre, and the EasyReq product.

We take our responsibility very seriously; and that’s why we also have the following:

  1. ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System
    1. Designed to maximize on-time delivery and minimize errors
    2. Utilizes best-in-class business processes
  2. Privacy Policy to protect your information
  3. Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to make sure you get service during a crisis
    1. We make sure our BCP aligns with yours
    2. Our BCP aligns with our suppliers
  4. Go Green Initiative to help protect the environment
  5. Code of Business Conduct to ensure professionalism at all times



MONTREAL  (514) 875-1515    OTTAWA  (613) 228-1020    TORONTO (416) 365-1515    WATERLOO  (519) 744-6729